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CHEM 351

Fundamentals of Biochemistry

This course covers the fundamental concepts of college biochemistry with an emphasis on bioorganic principles, including topics of amino acids, protein structure, enzymes, nucleic acids, bioenergetics, carbohydrates, lipids, metabolism, and hormonal regulation. An emphasis will be given to the impact of these concepts to human disease and therapies. This course covers the Biochemistry material recommended by the 2016 MCAT Guidelines.

CHEM 455

Special Topics in Biochemistry - Nucleic Acids

This is a special-topics course geared towards upper-level undergraduates. This course will provide a broad overview of the history of the nucleic acid field, as well as promote a deep understanding of the structure, function and biology of nucleic acids, particularly RNA. Chem 455 is also intended to provide students in ‘real-world’ skills necessary for success after graduation: evaluating primary literature, and presenting scientific data.


Chemical Biology I

This course will provide a high-level overview on the structure, function and chemistry of biological macromolecules including proteins, nucleic acids and carbohydrates. This course is designed for students in the graduate Program in Chemical Biology. Topics include protein and nucleic acid structure and folding, energetics of macromolecular interactions (kinetics and thermodynamics) and mechanistic enzymology. Using specific examples from the current literature, each topic will stress how chemists have used molecular level tools and probes to help understand the specific systems under study. The overarching theme in this course is that structure and function are intimately linked.

CHEM 525

Chemical Biology I

This course provides a high-level introduction and overview of the structure, function and chemistry of biological macromolecules.  CHEM525 focuses on proteins, nucleic acids, and how their action is regulated. The purpose of this course is to ensure that graduate students in the Chemistry Department have the biochemical foundation necessary for their research. Additionally, CHEM525 will expose students to high-level research seminars and is intended to provide them experience reading, evaluating and discussing primary literature.

CHEM 548

Seminars in Chemical Biology: New Frontiers at the Chemistry Biology Interface

Chemistry 548 is a course especially designed for CBI training grant trainees. In this course, trainees attend seminars that describe topics at the frontiers of Chemistry and Biology. Class discussion of each seminar will take place approximately the week prior to the date and is led by a student participant.

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