Chemical modifications to mRNA nucleobases impact translation elongation and termination


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Biophysical Chemistry, in press

The cAMP signaling pathway regulates Epe1 protein levels and heterochromatin assembly


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PLoS Genetics, in press

Pseudouridine synthase 7 is an opportunistic enzyme that binds and modifies substrates with diverse sequences and structures


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Sequence and modification status of RNAs in the translation machinery direct ribosome movements during the synthesis of poly(lysine) encoding peptides


TJ Smith, M Tardu, KS Koutmou

under revision

Methylated guanosine and uridine modifications in S. cerevisiae mRNAs modulate translation


JD Jones, MK Franco, TJ Smith, LR Snyder, RT Kennedy, KS Koutmou

under revision

Supporting student learning in biochemistry using a science communication focused writing assignment


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In vitro investigation of translational fidelity on modified codons


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Methods Enzymology (DOI: 10.1016/bs.mie.2021.06.011)

Communicating science to the general public through a biochemistry writing assignment


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A molecular level perspective on the frequency, distribution and possible cellular roles of mRNA modifications


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Pseudouridinylation of mRNA coding sequences alters translation


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Identification and quantification of modified nucleosides in Saccharomyces cerevisiae mRNAs


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Synthesis at the speed of codons


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Trends in Biomedical Sciences

Translational control by lysine-encoding A-rich sequences


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Science Advances

SID-1 extracellular domain selectively binds long dsRNA and is required for RNA transport by SID-1


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Journal of Biological Chemistry

Ribosomes slide on lysine-encoding homopolymeric A stretches


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RF3:GTP promotes rapid dissociation of the class 1 termination factor


KS Koutmou, ME McDonald, JL Brunelle, R Green


The RNR motif of B. subtilis RNase P protein interacts with both PRNA and pre-tRNA to stabilize an active conformer


KS Koutmou, JJ Day-Storms, CA Fierke


A divalent cation stabilizes the active conformation of the B. subtilis RNase P•pre-tRNA complex: a role for an inner-sphere metal ion in RNase P


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Journal of Molecular Biology

NMR and XAS reveal an inner-sphere metal binding site in the P4 helix of the metallo-ribozyme ribonuclease P


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Protein–precursor tRNA contact leads to sequence-specific recognition of 5′ leaders by bacterial ribonuclease P


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Kinetic mechanism of bacterial RNase P


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Importance of RNA-protein interactions in bacterial ribonuclease P structure and catalysis


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