Published Work


A molecular level perspective on the frequency, distribution and possible cellular roles of mRNA modifications


JD Jones, J Monroe and KS Koutmou

WIREs RNA, in press

Pseudouridinylation of mRNA coding sequences alters translation


DE Eyler, MK Franco, Z Batool, MZ Wu, ML Debuke, M Dobosz-Bartoszek, JD Jones, Y Polikanov, B Roy, KS Koutmou

PNAS (DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1821754116)

Identification and quantification of modified nucleosides in Saccharomyces cerevisiae mRNAs


M Tardu, JD Jones, RT Kennedy, Q Lin, KS Koutmou

ACS Chemical Biology (DOI: 10.1021/acschembio.9b00369)

Synthesis at the speed of codons


KS Koutmou, A Radhakrishnan, R Green

Trends in Biomedical Sciences

Translational control by lysine-encoding A-rich sequences


L Arthur, S Pavlovic-Djuranovic, KS Koutmou, R Green, P Szczesny, S Djuranovic

Science Advances

SID-1 extracellular domain selectively binds long dsRNA and is required for RNA transport by SID-1


W Li, KS Koutmou, DJ Leahy, M Li

Journal of Biological Chemistry

Ribosomes slide on lysine-encoding homopolymeric A stretches


KS Koutmou, AP Schuller, JL Brunelle, A Radhakrishnan, S Djuranovic, R Green


RF3:GTP promotes rapid dissociation of the class 1 termination factor


KS Koutmou, ME McDonald, JL Brunelle, R Green


The RNR motif of B. subtilis RNase P protein interacts with both PRNA and pre-tRNA to stabilize an active conformer


KS Koutmou, JJ Day-Storms, CA Fierke


A divalent cation stabilizes the active conformation of the B. subtilis RNase P•pre-tRNA complex: a role for an inner-sphere metal ion in RNase P


J Hsieh, KS Koutmou, D Rueda, M Koutmos, NG Walter, CA Fierke

Journal of Molecular Biology

NMR and XAS reveal an inner-sphere metal binding site in the P4 helix of the metallo-ribozyme ribonuclease P


KS Koutmou, A Casiano-Negroni, M Getz, S Paczini, AJ Andrews, JE Penner-Hahn, HM Al-Hashimi, CA Fierke

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Protein–precursor tRNA contact leads to sequence-specific recognition of 5′ leaders by bacterial ribonuclease P


KS Koutmou, NH Zahler, JC Kurz, FE Campbell, ME Harris, CA Fierke

Journal of Molecular Biology

Kinetic mechanism of bacterial RNase P


KS Koutmou, J Hsieh, CA Fierke

Protein Reviews, Volume 10: Ribonuclease P (book chapter)

Importance of RNA-protein interactions in bacterial ribonuclease P structure and catalysis


JK Smith, J Hsieh, CA Fierke


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